Saturday, April 21, 2012

5 Year Old Birthday Fun!

My super sweet Kalli girl is turing 5 next week, which is craziness!  How do these little people get big so fast?  Well Kalli is the best!  She was a very clinging, quiet little girl who only liked her momma and this year she has  come out of her shell!  She is funny and outgoing and caring and loving and compassionate and such a sweet little lady!
We celebrated this sweet girl with a Fancy Nancy Pajama Party!  She had 4 cute friends come over for fancy fun.  They got fancy hair and fancy nails and fancy food and lots of fun!  It was a fun party with lots of sweet girls!

My fancy 5 year old!

Testing out our photo wall!

Fancy table!

All the girlies in their glasses!

 Kalli and her Fancy Friends!


  1. What fun! Oh, I so want a girl! Right ow my future looks full of tractors and trains which are fun too but don't involve any cute hair bows!

  2. Can I just say that you are the cutest mama EVER! What a spoiled (ahem..........fancy) girl to get such a fun set up for her party. And yes, how on EARTH can she be turning 5!? I still remember the day she was born and shedding a tear as you called to tell me "SHE" had arrived. Love that memory. Love your fancy girl. Miss you friend!